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Time Tracking
Expense Management
Full automation of expense reporting process

ExpenseClock enables employees to create, submit, approve and process expense claims online. Our simple to use expense management tool is completely configurable to incorporate different company preferences, expense categories or types and business policies based on company preferences such as company location, department or cost centers. With our expense reporting solution, you will reduce employee reimbursement delays, eliminate paper receipts and ensure compliance with your business policies. Quick search capabilities to find relevant claims and receipt allows easy drag and drop of receipt to an existing claim.
Receipt Upload
You do not need to mail physical receipts any more. ExpenseClock allows you to mail receipts as attachment and categorize based on receipt type. Receipts can also be uploaded directly on the server and appropriately categorized. This allows easy search of receipts and comes in handy during drag and drop of receipt to a relevant claim. Receipts can also be uploaded during the time of creation and submission of expense report.
Miles Tracking
If you want to track miles or distance traveled based on starting and ending location, you can use the integrated google map to calculate both one way as well as round trip miles without needing to manually calculate miles. Based on your business policy governing miles to dollar conversion, total dollar amount for the miles traveled is systematically calculated during claim creation.
Expense Category Maintenance
Add expense categories or sub-categories applicable for your company or edit default expense categories based on your need. To allow easy and quick maintenance of several expense categories or sub-categories you can use mass upload feature. If your company operates in multiple geographies and your policies differ from one department or project to other, you can use our out of box feature to maintain applicable expense categories or sub-categories by location or other parameters.
Business Policy Maintenance
ExpenseClock allows you to use some of the default policies provided and customize the same based on your business needs. Our advanced policy maintenance feature allows you to define your own policies at different levels. This comes really handy when your policies change based on business location or department or by expense categories. Based on the business policy, any claim created or submitted by an employee is appropriately flagged for review by manager during approval process.
Currency Conversion
ExpenseClock supports 150 plus currencies. Depending on country or location where expense was made, any claim line item can have a different currency from the base currency of the individual. Each currency is automatically converted to the base currency during claim creation. The solution automatically pulls exchange rates based on the date of the expense and the currency selected.
Expense report approval at your fingertips
ExpenseClock supports the ability to approve employee expense reports online. Approver can be setup by the company administrator by simply adding necessary information information and a valid email address. When a report is submitted . The approver can simply view the detailed information. Approver can view the expense receipts, policy violation and approve or reject the expense report. There is no limit to the number of approvers.